about us

Born this way

Ameba officially began in 2009 when three graphic design classmates, driven by initiative and collaboration, decided to merge their skills and portfolios. This exchange allowed us to rapidly grow into a professional studio, fostering versatility.

Today, we have transformed into a diverse ecosystem comprising interdisciplinary professionals who work diligently with companies from various industries worldwide (well...some countries).

Our formula

We haven't traveled this far without learning something here and there. Through this journey, we have verified our winner formula! These are the key “periodic table” elements that define our working methodology.



Sensible & caring

We believe in healthy balances and empathetic relationships. Also, we do what AI cannot do (yet), nurturing genuine human connections in an increasingly digital world.


team work

One team

Success happens when we team up with our clients to become partners working towards the same goals, ensuring shared achievements and mutual growth.



Accessibility as a language

We are plainspoken and open about how things work behind the curtain. We articulate the different backgrounds so everyone can make educated decisions.



Understanding to transform

Adaptation and versatility as the keys to B2B services. We are an amoeba after all, constantly morphing to meet your evolving needs and challenges.


Shiny happy people

As a team, we create a friendly and collaborative workplace. It's awesome working with folks you can hang out with at after-work get-togethers, meet-ups, game nights, BBQs, or epic karaoke parties, making our work both efficient and fun!

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